If you have a smartphone in your hand and want to make some fun open emojiscavengerhunt.withgoogle.com & you will see how far you can get.  This URL suggests you that it is an emoji scavenger hunt. Google start new AI experiment to show how machine learning tools can be use for fun and some little gaming purpose. if you use emojiscavengerhunt.withgoogle.com you need to find objects with your camera and AI tool automatically detect that match emojiin just seconds. 
It is well implemented short AI’s experiment with the object recognition feature. Emoji can vergent hunt experiment it refuse to recognize my plug eg, though I took advantage of lack-of precision than later to have dish towel stand, in for scarf. I got many items before being stump by this game’s demand for a strawberry.
Its good example of how Artificial intelligence like face and object recognition features are finding their own ways everyday life. It is also quite good reminder that the next week is Google’s I/O developer conference is held, where Google company will have some Artificial intelligence news to share with the world. according to some rumored google company is planned for its AI camera app, Google Lens, & we will probably hear something interesting from Google company’son May 8th onward.