China held its exceptional yearly Birdman rivalry for the eighth time this year, where an aggregate of 17 groups were seen taking off through the skies with their extraordinary human-fueled hand lightweight flyers. 

This yearly Chinese rivalry allowed the members to feature their building abilities by planning their own lightweight flyers to fly into the sky.

The opposition was set in the Chinese territory Hainan’s city of Wanning, where the aggregate number of groups taking an interest was 17 who were seen utilizing self-designed hand lightweight flyers of various styles. These hand lightweight flyers depended exclusively on the art of adjust and twist strain to fly effectively.

For this reason, a stage was made over the ocean where the members wearing various ensembles were required to hop with their assigned lightweight flyers, covering however much separation as could reasonably be expected.

On this event where the members were seen bouncing around wearing whimsical and captivating ensembles, one such lightweight plane turned out triumphant for covering the most separation.